London, UK

Responding to Community Needs

Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with London Mayor Sadiq Khan to support the launch of two COVID-19 emergency response funds that have distributed grants to more than 2,000 nonprofit social service and cultural organizations and over one hundred for-profit cultural venues and organizations that were at risk of closing due to the pandemic. The company also supported many longstanding London-based nonprofit partners such as St. Mungo’s, which was able to provide almost 100,000 meals to over 2,000 homeless beneficiaries — while Bloomberg Associates continued to advise the city on addressing homelessness and provided models for possible scenarios for shelter capacity needs based on rising infection rates and other factors.

Bloomberg Associates also worked with Mayor Khan’s team to provide small businesses with an array of support, including one-on-one sessions with business advisors. In addition, Bloomberg L.P. partnered with The Sutton Trust to deliver virtual college advising to over 6,000 high-achieving students from lower-income families across the UK as in-person college access programs were unable to take place, as well as contributed thousands of N95 masks to the UK’s National Health Service.

Watch how the London Community Fund supports Ronald McDonald House Charities