Annual Report 2019

Bloomberg Philanthropies works to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people by focusing on five key areas: arts, education, environment, government innovation, and public health.

The opening animation features undergraduate Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg Scholars from the classes of 2019 and 2020, followed by examples of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ approach in action from around the world.

Michael Bloomberg

“I always believe that tomorrow will be better than today. But I’m also a realist, and I know that believing and hoping won’t make it so. Doing is what matters.”

Michael R. Bloomberg

Annual Letter on Philanthropy

“In all of our work, we look for strong partners, try innovative solutions, follow the data, and spread what is proven to work.”

Patricia E. Harris

CEO Letter

Patti Harris

Global Reach

Bloomberg Philanthropies invests in 510 cities and 129 countries around the world.


Bloomberg Philanthropies‘ unique approach is grounded in Mike Bloomberg‘s experience in business, government, and philanthropy. In every challenge that the Bloomberg team takes on, they bring his approach to make progress saving and improving lives around the world.

Look for Unmet Needs that Can Be Addressed with Proven Solutions.

Some challenges are easy to overlook, but taking them on can make a real difference. Learn how leaders of small arts and cultural organizations are strengthening their management skills to ensure that their organizations thrive.

Identify and Engage Strong Partners.

Tackling important issues, like expanding career opportunities for those who do not attend college, requires collaboration. Learn how local, nonprofit partners make progress possible.

Remain Flexible to Invest Boldly and Quickly in Order to Maximize Impact.

New opportunities can arise without warning, and with issues like climate change there is no time to waste. Find out how Mike stepped in at a crucial moment to rally local leaders to tackle a global challenge.

Rely on Data and Continually Measure Progress.

Data provides invaluable guidance and feedback on every initiative. That is especially true for public health issues when millions of lives are at stake. Read how accurate birth and death records help improve policy.

Focus on Cities to Drive Progress.

Local government can be the site of innovation and problem-solving that improve residents’ lives. Read how one local government is taking on a major challenge.

Lead from the Front and Do Not Hesitate to Address Controversial Issues. Utilize Advocacy and Lobbying.

Philanthropy can make great progress, but true change requires governments to act. Find out how Mike’s private advocacy is advancing the cause on issues like gun safety.

About Bloomberg Philanthropies

Encompassing all of Mike Bloomberg’s giving, Bloomberg Philanthropies includes his foundation, corporate, and personal philanthropy as well as Bloomberg Associates, a pro bono consultancy that works with mayors in cities around the world.

Mike has committed the vast majority of the profits from Bloomberg L.P., the global financial technology, data, and media company that he founded in 1981, to support the work of Bloomberg Philanthropies.

$767M Invested in 2018

510 Cities

129 Countries

Bloomberg Philanthropies works to improve the lives of millions of people in 510 cities and 129 countries. In 2018, Bloomberg Philanthropies invested $767 million around the world. Over his lifetime, Mike has so far given more than $8 billion to philanthropy.